Yakumo Yukari Beta v11 (Hamlet Support)

She has an own ability Youkai Power; an energy required to use her skills.
Power will be gathered constantly.

Health : 80(400)
Hunger : 150(250)
Hunger Rate : 1.5(0.5)
Sanity : 75(300)
Power : 75(400)
Bracket is final value.

Other Stats :
– Damage multiplier : x1.2
– Restore power by eating any meats.
– Doesn’t lose sanity by eating monster meats(except for Monster Lasagna).
– Science Bonus + 1 (You don’t need to create tier 1 science machine)
– Resurrect with full health, hunger and sanity.

Cons :
– Very low start stats.
– Can be targeted by spiders, pigmans, bunnymans.

Yukari can raise her ability to manipulate boundaries.

Abilities can be upgraded by using upgrade items in Touhou craft tab.
By upgrading, the special abilities will be unlocked gradually.
There are 20 special abilities available.
Press Shift+V / Shift+B to see current upgrades / abilities.

Special Abilities

Each upgrade has chance to unlock specific ability.

General : Increase max bonus stats.
Health Ability : Health regeneration. Cure poison.
Hunger Ability : Increase damage multiplier in specific hunger range. Increase summer/winter Insulation.
Sanity Ability : Lower/Remove components that something decrease your sanity. (ex. Night/Cave sanity decrements, Insanity Aura)
Power(Utility) Ability : Increase movement speed. Increase durabilities of non-physical Items. Decrease equipment penalties which has penalties.

Special Items
Yukari Hat : Increase power regenerate by 50%, reduce night sanity decrements by 60% while equipped.
Yukari Umbrella : Costs 20 powers to teleport to the point. Increase movement while equipped. Spwans ‘Scheme Gate’ by cost 50 powers. Scheme can be spawned up to 2(per world).
Scheme(item) : Manage & Upgrade tool of Yukari Hat. To get Yukari Hat’s effect, this item should be in Yukari’s inventory.

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