Wormhole icons

Have bad memory? Don’t use wormholes since you always forget which leads where? Like colorful map icons? Then this mod is for you.

What this mod doesIt adds minimap icons for linked wormholes. To change their icon from the default one you’ll need to travel once through them. The icons are the base wormhole but with a neat color variation.

As of version 1.0, the wormholes will show up properly upon entering/re-entering a world.

Config optionsDisplay Numbers: Toggle between displaying numbers over wormholes or not.
Scale: Sets the wormholes map scale.

NotesThis mod is purely client side, this it not a port or variation of any existing mods. This mod will work on pure vanilla servers since it’s client side.

With that being said, if you own a server and want this mod, get Wormhole Marks instead. This is meant for players joining unmodded servers.

This mod saves the wormhole info in a file called mod_wormholeicons, located at Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/client_save. If you want to reset your wormhole icons or want to fully remove all traces of this mod, delete that file.

Current issuesThis mod doesn’t works when lag compensation is enabled. I know why, but I have been unable to fix it since I have been unable to find another point to “hook up” my mod wormhole’s jump event.

This mod only supports up to 10 pairs of wormholes.
Resizing the screen while in-game will mess up the wormhole positions.

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Special thanksBlueberrys, for DataContainer (used to save/load the wormhole positions)
Nc5xb3, for the positioning logic on the map screen.

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