Whandler, the Digital Artist


Health- 150

Hunger- 150

Sanity- 200


-Loves rain

Whandler gets a sanity boost and a skip in his step (25% speed boost) when it rains. It’s still important to keep dry, though!

-Special Item – Whandler’s Hat

Whandler begins the game with “Whandler’s Hat”, which provides a small sanity boost equivalent to that of a garland (that’s a twelve petal savings!) It also comes with 20% water resistance and even a small amount of protection from overheating in the Summer. It has a durability of 16 days. Whandler may also craft new hats for himself or his friends! The recipe is two silk and one charcoal, and can be found at the top of the dress tab.


-Can’t stand cold weather

Whandler hates cold weather and has trouble retaining body heat in the Winter. He has a lower maximum body temperature than most characters, meaning he begins to freeze faster when he leaves the warmth of a fire. He also gets a tiny sanity drain throughout winter and takes twice as much damage from freezing, so it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time with some warm clothing! Whandler is a good character for players who have already experienced Winter and are ready for a slightly increased challenge during that season.

This mod includes custom sound files for Whandler’s voice- a groovy hammond organ.

But wait, there’s more! Whandler also comes with completely unique dialogue for every inspectable object in the game. I think it’s some pretty good material! But you can be the judge of that.

Content Warning: This mod features just a bit of naughty language!

Please leave any feedback you feel compelled to, especially any bugs you may find. I’m a digital artist, not a digital programmer… But I’ll do my darndest to get them fixed. If you have any feedback or balance suggestions, feel free to discuss and suggest! I promise I’ll read them all.

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