Waiter 101 v6.60 (Crock Pot Food Mod)

Over one hundred and one new foods, crops, rutabeeta wild plant*, and ingredients. An amazing cornucopia of cookable meals including breads, cakes, desserts, eggs, fruits, frozen, liquor, various meats, mushrooms, salads, sandwiches, seafood, snacks, soups, and spicy recipes.
(A few recipes require ingredients only available in DST, Reign of Giants; Shipwrecked, or Hamlet DLCs)
*Although this mod can be added to existing games, the wild rutabeeta is only populated at world generation

v 6.33
– Configuration now lets you increase or decrease hunger benefit of foods. (affects all foods in game)
– The larger the initial (normal) hunger benefit, the bigger the change (positive or negative).
v 6.0x – ‘Leftovers Again’ update
– flour recipe simplified, sandwiches improved, some foods work as antihistamine (HAM DLC)
v 5.1x – ‘Flour of May’ update
– adds new flour based recipes
v 5.0x – ‘Sorry for the Deli’ update
– flour and sandwiches added, wild rutabeeta (veggie, root, flora) added at world gen
v 4.7x – ‘It’s not Ice to Beef Shellfish’ update
– frozen / ice overuse recipes added, monster recipes, shellfish recipes
– rocky meat (monster, seafood, shellfish) added as drop from rock lobsters
v 4.6x – ‘Summer of Sausage’ Update: * Mod is Now Configurable * — see change notes
– spiced sausage (meat) added, can be cooked over fire, dried, or added to crockpot
v 4.5x – ‘Spice of Life’ update
– Zucchilli (SW) and Garleek can be found in the wild, spicy/hot foods added (requires DST, RoG, SW, HAM)
v 4.22 – ‘Drying for a Change’ update
– Several crops now can be dried on drying rack. raw tentacle drops from tentacles and merms.
– Flower petals, and foliage can be used as filler in recipes
– Coconut Milk (SW) recipe added as source of dairy
v 4.x – ‘Liquor License’ update
– Drinks added, provide sanity boots and cooling effect (requires DST, RoG, SW, HAM)
– Liquor is flammable/explosive, Wine turns into ‘Aged Wine’ when allowed to spoil
v 3.x – ‘High Fructose’ update
– new fruit crops, new fruit recipes, Mushmelon dessert item added and can be toasted over fire
v 2.x – ‘Things are Cooking Up’ update
– Batilisk Wings are cookable item (1/2 value monster meat)
– Untoasted crop seeds are made cookable (1/2 value seed)
– Lure plant meat is made cookable (counts as monster food, 1/2 veggie and 1/2 meat)
– Some recipes require (or prohibit) use of ingredients that have already been cooked over fire
v 1.7x – ‘Ingredients for Success’ update
– new recipes create additional ingredients
– Fruit Syrup (fruit, sweetener), Molasses (sweetener x2), and Oleo (dairy, fat) added
v 1.3 – ‘Midnight Snack’ update
– new recipes, Caramel Bacon (meaty dessert) added, Coldcuts (meaty cooling) added
v 1.0 – Waiter 101
– new recipes for the crock-pot, Including dishes featuring cactus, eggs, and mushrooms

This mod adds over 100 items and some players have reported problems with other large mods or when running many mods (the mod simply stops working as the food items don’t load)
Announcements will be made in the change logs when any new features are implemented.
Thanks for any and all feedback and bug reports.
Please feel free to offer suggestions

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