Vegetable Garden

Hey there, after getting a little bored I decided to get back into some modding for Don’t Starve. But for a very shot period of time, don’t expect me to get in all my other mods.
In the past weeks someone called Benzoquinone made a great mode called ‘Gorge Crops!’ for DST.
I was thinking why not port a part of it in Don’t Starve because I have always been looking into a way to have a farm with multiple spots. And so with the help of animations from ‘Custom Farming’ mod by I scream icecream I have also managed to brings the new veggies from the Gorge Event.

So that mod add the possbility Vegetable Garden allowing the player to plant multiple crops in one spot and without taking too much place. And as mentioned above you have acces to 5 new veggies: tomato / potato / onion / garlic / turnip.

You can find the Recipe in the Food Table for poops, cutstones, shovel, and bucket poops(only in dlcs).

They can be used to cook, but for now they don’t have special recipes, it is not easy to get access yet to the Gorge Recipes but if it happen to be possible in the future then I will try to add them here in Don’t Starve.

A know isssue is the fact that all the spots may not be avaible from the same angle so the player will have to turn his angle in order to place the 9 seeds.

The mod should be compatible with Don’t Starve Vanilla and the two other DLCs, and of course the next coming one in the future.

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