Unique Starting Equipment

Adds unique starting equipment for all characters.

This is my personal tweaked version of tehMugwump’s Starter Inventory. All credit goes to him for the code and original idea.

I tried to give each character a different feel and try to follow closely to their personality when choosing their equipment. Enjoy!

P.S. I’ll not post a giant list of items here for each character but you can preview them all(except ‘M’) if you look at the additional images posted.

Additionally I gave most characters a starting blueprint to help them make an item a bit earlier than another character.

Wilson BPs – Alchemy Lab, Divining Rod, Lightning Rod, Winterometer, Rainometer (any scientist worth his salt would know these by default!)
Willow BP – Gunpowder
Wendy BP – Pumpkin Lantern
Wolfgang BP – Stone Wall
WX-78 BP – Miner Hat
Wickerbottom BP – Birdcage (I see her as an introvert librarian bird lover, personal taste)
Woodie – Tooth Trap
‘M’ BP – Meat Effigy
Wes BP – None! (I couldn’t think of anything silly for him, he’s supposed to be a failure at survival)

Some are a less useful as one may require items that would require a science machine anyways, but this still means the character could build the item anywhere instead of being forced to prototype at camp.

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