Treats for Webber

Webber deserves more love, doesn’t he? It’s time to release his hidden power!

Feel at home!Webber can sleep inside Spider Dens.
– Unlike the other sleeping things, a cocoon can be used at any time.
– The cocoon being damaged forces its sleeper to wake up.
– While being inside, the sleeper’s hearing is muffled.
– Sleep quality varies depending on dens tier. Feel one’s feet!Webber gains more advantages from using Spiderhat, such as:
– An ability to convert sanity drain from aura sources to sanity gain.
– 35% of damage absorption and decay rate lower than usual.
Also it’s considered as a regal item, so nearby players will bow to the owner’s mighty paws.

Feel as leader!Common spiders attack more fierce when defending Webber, by gaining these advantages:
– Slightly reduced cooldown between bites.
– An ability to jump attack. Teach for manners!Spiders following Webber are more loyal than usual.
– No rush with the food lying on the ground if they have been treated with something yummy earlier.
– Walls are not always enemies, so no wall biting.

Feel like a… spider!Webber can wrap items into packages using silk.
– Unwrapping a package yields only its contents, the silk is wasted.
– Similar to the silk itself, silk packages are nonflammable.

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