Too Many Items

The mod is the same except Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked items have been added, as well as the ability to spawn in structures. Works without DLC as well.

Link’s mod items have been commented out, to re-enable them go to the mod_folder\scripts\ and open itemlist.lua and un-comment out the items at the bottom.

Structures currently don’t have an icon, just name when hovering, because they are not inventory items and I’m bad at photoshop. Items are in alphabetical order.

Spawning in structures works a little different than items. When spawned the game will un-pause and the structure will be placed at the feet of the character. The game will remain un-paused so placing multiple structures is easier.

Some structures will ‘stack’ on top of each other if you spawn too many in at once (if this is ugly to you, I recommend the hammer).

I finished my changes well over a week ago and have been distracted by many other things, so as far as continuing modding this mod (search bar, etc.) may or may not happen but if I’m missing any items let me know, those are easy.

CJB’s original description:

Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu

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