Tiny Alchemy Powers

I would like to introduce you to Tiny Alchemy Powers mod to Don’t Starve. Mod allows to transmute some stuff into other forms.


Change items to new forms. 
Needs to be fueled with nightmarefuel.
Burnable from version 1.8.1
Currently extractable items: mosquito, wheat grain, rabbit (only in vanilla), broken shell, hound head, spitter head, salt nugget, truffle, spiderhat, purple gem, seaweed, bottle with sea water, gold nugget (only with Steam Biome mod), copper nugget (only with Steam Biome mod)

Wheat: It can be cut off such as grass, each cut gives wheat grain. 
Nut bush: we have nuts but we don’t have squirrels… 
Salt Rock: spices, spices… 
Truffles: you have to go to the ruins 
Crystals (five types): each type has a different nasty surprise for the one who wants to dig them

Wheat Grain: one dropped by wheat; can be extracted into flour 
Flour: needs to make bread 
Milk: not very tasty, but there is no other (vanilla version)
Hound Head: a nice trophy 
Spitter Head: ugly trophy 
Shell Dust: flour alternative 
Bones: apparently useful 
Nuts: we are…have nuts and we can cook them 
Salt nugget: how to grind this? 
Salt: not spoil, ideal for dishes but watch out not to oversalt… 
Truffles: great taste but spoil rapidly, cooking not help but alchemy can 
Gray Gem: new precious
Lemon: new fruit
Lime : new shipwrecked fruit
Bottle with sea water: wet…
Waverly Hat – alternative for Brain of Thought, but you can sew up it!

Skull Helmet (three different versions): new creepy helmets 
Bone Armor: new, of course creepy, armor 
Lighting Staff: power of nature (inflicts massive damage – can also hurt character) 
Calm Amulet: You don’t like been crazy, are you? 

Bread: restore sanity and good taste 
Cheese: stinky and delicious 
Banana Pie: a little bit of pleasure in the caves 
Mushroom Soup: mandrake monopoly broken 
Fern Spinach: healthy, leafy, and so on 
Nut Muffin: What can I say? Another meal. (RoG version)
Truffle Ham: next to the menu 
Eggs and truffles: another one 
Oversalted meal: nothing more, nothing less 
Cactus Cocktail: refreshing 
Pancakes: everyone loves pancakes…right? 
Ribs: one of the wonders of the kitchen 
Lemon Coctail – refreshing again
Lime Coctail – …
Seafood Pizza – Yummy

Mosquito: see for yourself
Butter: can be done in a crock pot. 
Rabbit: see for yourself 
Batilisk: new loot – bones or boneshard 
Hounds (normal): new loot – hound head 
Foliage: can be cooked in crock pot (treated as a vegetable) 
Spitter: new loot – spitter head 
Broken shell: can be transmuted 
Purple Gem: can be transmuted 
Spiderhat: can be transmuted 
Empty bootle – can be filled witch sea water (and empty)

Steam Biome – while you’re both on: Steam Biome and Tiny alchemy Powers mods, you can transmute gold in copper, and vice versa.

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