The Heavy Mod

The Heavy Mod:

Adds Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2 into Don’t Starve.
After some tweaking and playtesting, this mod it’s finally ready for its first public release.
The Heavy is a powerful character, yet balanced to make it fair compared to the other characters.

This Mod is drawn by me, and made into a mod for the players of Don’t Starve Together.
The art style of Heavy is made into the art style of Don’t Starve and has custom voice lines.

The Heavy Mod features (Contains Spoilers)

– Health: 300
– Hunger: 300
– Sanity: 200

– Starts with the “Ham Shank”
– Heavy can eat raw or bad meat with little to no downsides.
– Slow Character but walks even more slow on hunger
– slightly better at chopping wood and cutting stones
– Can withstand a lot of cold
– Does massive damage even when taken hit
– Able to craft and wear the Ushanka hat
– Able to craft one of the finest sandviches there is

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