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Magic Bottle Lanterns

Features:- Custom art- Custom animations- Custom strings for all base and DLC characters- Base, RoG and SW compatible- High cost magical-tier items- Automatically lights up/active at dusk, turns off for the day- Permanent light, no fuel

Farming For Light

The Power Of Nature! Farm the Cave Flowers. Eat the Cave Flower's bulb and take on the power of light Fuel your lantern or Monkey Skull Lantern with the Cave Flower's bulb Note: Update 2.0 Shipwrecked compatible. You can

Always On Tiki Torch

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet Craftable under the light tab! It takes 3 wood & 1 dung to make. ----------------With the Always On Tiki Torch------------------ You can light up an area.Cook.Build your sanity.

Lil Houses

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Wilson now has his very own Lil Houses. -----------------------Note----------------------- I have split the two Lil Houses apart so all can enjoy them.If you don't have any DLCs you can

Wilson’s House With Light

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet. Sometimes Wilson doesn't sleep much and if warm out works at night cooking, crafting and so on. The mud hut has a two way fireplace good for cooking and light.The Mud Hut is craftable under


Blue Mushroom Hat:20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(winter):60 s Shelf life:6 days Red Mushroom Hat20% rain-proof emit a weak light when equipped Shelf life :3 days Green Mushroom Hat:20% rain-proof sanity regenerate

Christmas Tree

Craftable Christmas Tree with lights. Making the light and increases Sanity when standing nearby. Work with DS/RoG/SW New in 1.1 version:By popular demand, I have increased the tree. Craft is more difficult now too. (1-st