[SW]Totooria Helmold

[Suggest play with Shipwrecked]


Initial is fragile, 150 hungry, 200 sanity, 75 health
Damage = Wendy

Can Read


LevelUP:Must levelup when eat Coral Brain

Eat others food or killed will levelup in small probability
Level max 20
To levelup the default upgrade Sanity and Sanity recovery speed, Sanity max 400, Sanity recovery speed limit to 20

Skill Point(PT):You will get 1 PT when you level up
You can use the PT by press key to choose what you want to upgrade:
press ←:Damage(limit to 200%)
press →:Health(limit to 200)
press ↓:Speed(limit to 150%)
press ↑:Lucky(you have chance to gei dubloon onkill)

Return Skill Point:Return to the initial skill point after you eat dragoon heart

but punishment is descending level 5

Personal Tab:

Can make or upgrade TotooriaStaff
Can make books
Can make more tiems

Special Skills:lv05[Fridenly]: when you close the small animal(like birds)they will’t run away
lv10[Chef]: use cook pot boil can harvest double
lv15[Ingenious]: farmland similar cook pot can harvest double
lv20[Expert]: unlock all Science and technology(inclusion Obsidian)

Weapon – TotooriaStaff

Infinite, 5level, you can upgrade in Personal Tab:
Lv1 – Damage27, Sanity-0
Lv2 – Damage34, Sanity-3, can use as tools
Lv3 – Damage42 ,Sanity-6, speed up as cane
Lv4 – Damage51, Sanity-9, ranged Attack, be frozen
Lv5 – Damage60, Sanity-12, 3 kind of lv5——
——Green:copy the props :after you use have 33% chance to target item into two, or transform into one,Only copy can be made of props
——Orange:Right-click the teleport (not durable):Wind characteristics (is that you run to where the wind blow on which side, similar to sail sticks)
——Yellow:Without a durable permanent scope of ordinary light(no need to equip can shine, similar to Obsidian)

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