Super Wall DST

  • Additional walls, auto doors, fence and fence gate are added to the game. (Can be found in structure tab. Standalone. No conflict with original walls) They do NOT have to be INVINCIBLE now! A “health” option is added in configuration.
  • After built, the wall is in its tallest condition. Players can use hammer to shorten it. Hammer will not lose durability when hammering it.
  • They will not be damaged or ignited, and are immune to boss attack. Nothing but hammer can destroy them! (by default. unless you disable the “Building Damage Resistance” and set “health” to “x1”)
  • Walls can deal rebound damage to attacker (Damage can be set in mod configuration. Default value is 0.)
  • Doors will open automatically when any player approaches. (Detection distance can be set in mod configuration)
  • Color of fence can be changed with hammer. (Just like height of wall) Fence gate opens automatically and can be locked.
  • By default, everyone can use or hammer them. If you set the “Ownership” to “Authorized People”, only builder and trusted people can do that. You can add other players to your trust list by pressing “Y” or “U” and typing “-superwall add playerindex” or simply “-sw a playerindex“. To remove a player from the list, you can type “-superwall remove playerindex” or “-sw r playerindex“. If you want someone to add you to his/her list, you can use left mouse button to inspect his/her wall or door 4 times, and then he/she will receive a request. Type “-sw list” to see player indexes. You can see the chat command help info in game by typing “-sw help“.
  • Admin mode: type “-superwall adminmode” or “-sw am” to enable. After enabled, you can use/destroy anyone’s superwall if you are an admin. Type “-sw help admin” for more admin commands.
  • Super wall fast build tool (can be found in tools tab) is added. You can build a set of walls and doors with one click! (You must have corresponding wall items.) When holding the tool in your mouse, you can use Middle Mouse Button or F5 to rotate the preset, Scroll Up / Scroll Down or F1 / F2 to change to previous/next preset. Press F3 / F4 to decrease/increase height of the preset. You can hold ALT to quickly switch to a wall destroyer brush, and release to switch back. If you want to add your custom “recipe” to the fast build tool, you can use Super Wall Maker[] to do it.


  • Known incompatiblility: not compatible with “SuperLock”
  • When player is standing near walls, bearger’s ground pound may deal huge damage to the player(actually it attacks player many times for an instant). This is not a bug caused by my mod. It is because of the mechanism of the “groundpounder” component in the game. It works just like the “Echo Slam” in DOTA. The more enemy, the higher damage. For the bearger, the walls are also counted as enemies. That’s why the player may be killed by the slam instantly.
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