Steam Biome: Forgotten Forge

I want to introduce a mod that evolved from a part of Tiny Alchemy Powers. Most mod is new level and biome located in the ruins. But you will notice a change on the surface, especially if you use Steam Biome with Steampunk and Tiny Alchemy Powers.

In version 2.0 Mod is full compatible with Hamlet
In version 1.2 Mod is full compatible with Shipwrecked
In version 1.1 Forcefield can be charged with transistor
In version 1.0.3 and 1.1 added configure options:
Alchemy Engine recipes options:

Original: 4x boards, 2x cut stone, 6x gold nugget in vanilla
4x boards, 2x cut stone, 2x electrical doodad in RoG
Metal: 4x boards, 6x metal plates, 3x goldnugget

Fire Supressor recipes options:

Original: 2x gears, 15x ice, 2x electrical doodad
Metal: 6x metal plates, 15x ice, 2x electrical doodad

Ice Box recipes options:

Original: 2x gold nugget, 1x gears, 1x board in vanilla
2x gold nugget, 1x gear, 1x cut stone in RoG
Metal: 4x metal plates, 1x gear, 1x board in vanilla
4x metal plates, 1x gear, 8x ice in RoG
Magic: 1x blue gem, 1x gears, 1x board in vanilla
1x blue gem, 1x gear, 1x cut stone in RoG
Both: 1x blue gem, 1x gears, 4x metal plates

What is in mod:

Forgotten forge is located below the ruins. It is a very hot place full of new dangers and challenges. Forge is a completely optional location. To get there you need to find the right key. In addition, you can get there only once per world (save).


Tech Biome (In Ruins) dark and forgotten place, but watch out for the machines

Metal Golem – Forgotten Forge Boss (You need to find a replacement for the battery to turn it on)Tesla Tree: this tree can greatly electrocute
Ancient Tech Devices: machinery of unknown purpose
Pipes: metal source
Gear Table: interesting devices
Food Generatior: who would have thought?
New Clockworks: to full collection
Lava Pond: don’t try to swim (ported from DST – but little changed)
Fire Apple Tree: new…tree
Rhino House: …
Rhinventor: new very aggresive mobs
Lavarva: too hot! (ported from DST – but little changed)

Copper Nugget: new mineral
Metal Plates: something you always needed
Fire Apple: hot and tasty

Tesla Scepter: buzz is now on your side
Tesla Gun: More powerfull buzz
Metal Armor: do you want to be tough? You have the answer
Force Field: the most powerful armor (from 1.1 version it can be charged with transistor)

All Clockworks: new loot – metal plates
Gold Nugget: can be transmuted (if you have Tiny Alchemy Powers mod) 

Steampunk – while you’re both on: Steam Punk and Steam Biome mods, you will need metal to create objects from both mods.

Tiny Alchemy Powers – while you’re both on: Steam Biome and Tiny alchemy Powers mods, you can transmute gold in copper, and vice versa.

Kuloslav (programming, animations, graphics, testing)
Hast (graphics, testing)

Steam Biome is compatible with the vanilla version and RoG.
If you have any feedback or ideas, please leave a comment.

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