This mod changes standart indicators and adds some new

Mod doesn’t change anything from original game or dlc directly, its using API way so will have less problems with future updates, fixes or even new DLC.

Compatible with RoG and SW.

Compatible with Combined Status

Since “seasons clocks” mod is no longer updated and not works properly in SW, popularity of CS mod support was added.

  • world’s temperature, player’s temperature and naugthness from CS mod is disabled by default and can be reenabled via mod settings. By default mod attempts to make proper distance from CS widgets for new game. Use “reset to defaults” for exiting.
  • beaverness from CS is disabled since similar badge already here

incompatible with

  • Always on Status
  • RPG HUD – mods makes similar changes in UI

How to use:

  • Mouse wheel, i.e. Middle mouse button is used for widget placement.
    Press mouse wheel on widget and then move it to any position, to fix position press mouse wheel again.
  • ALT+E – will pause game and show settings, changes will be applied immediately
  • Right mouse button on widget – same as ALT-E, but can be disabled via menu.
  • You always able to restore default settings via menu by pressing “Restore Defaults”
  • Any widget can be turned on or off imidiatly

ALT-E combination can be changed via options menu or even completely disabled, keys used in other mods is not shown

You dont need to configure position/size and such things every time you starting new game, just save your configuration once and use it.

Save button – will save current configuration to profile.
Load button – will load saved data to current session


  • overheating is showing as red indicator.
  • freezing as blue

Character specific widgets

  • Beaverness – shows only for Woodie
    • red color means that beaverness > 80%
    • turned on by default for Woodie (for new games)
    • when Woodie turns into werebeaver interface will back in few seconds (depends on beaverness change).
      Atm i dont want make more checks to speed it up, its can decrease overall perfomance.

  • Abigail – shows only for Wendy

  • WX78 Level – shows only for WX78
    turned off by default

All mod specific widgets patched on the fly, that mean i don’t need to “steal” art of badges, but it’s adds noticable but required delay between old badge look and new one. Be patient, life isn’t easy.

MOD specific widgets:

  • WallFlower

  • Link
    Sanity badge disabled, since Link haven’t such stat

  • Warfarin

  • Heroes in the Dark
    Intoxication badge.
    Intoxication > 70 assumed as dangerous and bar will be red.(You will drop items at this stage)
    Added player’s and mosnter’s resists window

  • Puppy Princess Musha
    new badges added:
    • Stamina badge (musha’s armor icon)
    • Fatigue badge (tent icon)
    • Music badge (flute icon)
    • Yamche’s HP (yamche icon) hidden by default
    • Yamche’s hunger (egg? icon) hidden by defaultlook at screenshots
      Didn’t played much this character, so not sure about dangerous values of new badges to set proper warning colors.
      Too much badges :), so on low screen resolution displays probably required some setup (size or/and replacement)

Player’s and monster’s stats windows
I made it to learn mobs while Hero in the Dark mod enabled
First number is resistance, second is protection.

Monster’s stat window shows data even after monster’s death, because target is updating only on pointing it (but his stats keep updating).
Thats allow to know stats of someone who died fast and without glory or after running from him 🙂

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