Spider Hats

Spiders can now wear hats!

This has been something long overdue. No longer will webber mains look longingly at the companionship provided by pigmen, for now they can form a closer bond with their spider friends.

The types of spiders that can wear hats are Normal, Warrior, and Dropper Spiders.
Each of them have a different personality which dictates the types of hats worn as well as when they will stay on.

Status effects of the hat such as armor will apply to them, making them stronger than ever before.

Also, this mod will not interfere with other reskins or remaking of spiders!

As long as the priority is higher than this mod or the spider bank is unchanged, then you can enjoy putting your hats on forge, tropical, maxwell and/or ugandan spiders too (as a few examples of supported mods)

Webber mains are now one step closer to becoming even closer to their spider friends than ever before.

Customize the settings for a more personal experience!

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