Spider Cage

Compatible with all DLC including Hamlet.

Wilson is going through Silk at an alarming rate these day.So he plans to suit up and go after a Spider Queen! He aims to build himself a Silk Farm aka Spider Cage.If successful Wilson will be able to collect silk much easier.

There are 2 modes, Normal and Expert,which are you?

——-Normal Mode——–

There are 3 stages of silk production shown in the cage.
Your caged spider will produce up to 3 silk if not collected for 3 days,1 per day.
When harvested there will be sanity penalty of – 10
There is a small sanity aura when standing near.
Crafted under the STRUCTURE TAB
When hammered down the spider will be set free.

———Expert mode——–

Be brave
Be smart
Roll in silk

———Mod Options——–

Normal mode
Expert Expert

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