Smarter Crock Pot DST

Do you find yourself confused over the many recipes the crock pot offers?
Do you need to check online before cooking?

This mod alters to Crock Pot to show you what you’re going to cook,
without cooking it, saving you the time and from unfortunate mistakes.
See upfront even the expected spoilage.
in the game, when multiple recipes with the same priority are available, the cooking product is chosen at random- now you can see every option before gambling.

Compatible with DisplayFoodValues,DetailedToolTips,AdvancedToolTips
So you can see the values of your cooking.
Even add the chances of cooking your product into the tooltip.
Compatible with Waiter101 and any other food mods, shows all mod recipes.

Works For EVERY ONE, the mod is Client only.

False Prediction may arise from difference
between the Client’s cookbook and the Server’s cookbook.

For a long time it wasn’t supported, but now it is!
Just go to the mod config and ACTIVATE IT.
To predict using Controller, all you have to do is to put 4 items in the cookpot and then nav to the fifth empy item. Nav to it again (I recommend Nav-ing Right) to predict again for the other possible products.

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