Show Me (Origin)

RecommendedShowMe (this mod) + Health Info

I have to enable only 2 mods?Yes. Actually you can disable all other interface mods and enable only Show Me. But it’s better to enable Health Info.
This mod won’t provide info about health if Health Info mod is detected.

What is better?

  • Compared to Item Tooltips mod my mod provides GREAT network traffic economy: it send info over network ONLY for item under mouse.
  • But Helath Info mod works faster at the cost of traffic. Health Info is good optimized too but with emphasis on fast delivery of information. So it sends and updates info about health of all creatures around. My mod, on the contrary, saves data traffic, even for the current object.


  • There is a little time offset (~100ms) because the mod send info only on mouse over. No waste data traffic.
  • It will update info not more often than 1 time per 1 second. (For example, Items Tooltips spams RPCs 30 times per second).
  • Ofc it won’t update info if it’s not changed. No waste network traffic again. 🙂
  • Incompatible with Item Tooltips, Display Food Values and other unknown interface mods.
  • Compatible with Combined Status whose settings will affect temperature units.
  • Finder mod is included.


  • 70% of code is taken from TellMe mod.
  • 20% of code is taken from Kindling Fire mod (it has similar hint feature about tinder and striker values).


  • English (default)
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Spanish
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