Shiro | No Game No Life

– Lore –

Shiro is one of the main characters from the anime: “No Game, No Life”.

One day, Shiro and her brother Sora were playing videogames, until a mysterious being claiming to be a god transported them into a fantasy world.
There they were faced with many challenges along the way, but nothing was a match for the legendary gamer duo, which eventually allowed them to rule over an entire kingdom.
The new queen of games Shiro suddenly stumbled upon a dark portal, curious to see what’s beyond it, so she entered it alone.
Now she finds herself trapped in Don’t Starve Together, while for others this grim world is quite unpleasant, for Shiro it’s just another game.

– Stats –

Health: 120
Hunger: 90
Sanity: 75

– Perks –

[Level Up!]

You become stronger with each enemy you defeat.

Killing an enemy grants you a permanent boost of +1 to all base stats.
You can only double your starting stats.

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