Season Clock

Have you ever been playing and have no idea how long it is until the next season? How many days into the current season you are? Or what season was up next? Never fear, this mod should help.


  • Adds a clock that indicate the progression through the seasons.
  • Indicates the current season.
  • Hovering over the clock indicates the days into the current season and days until the next season.
  • Compatible with the “Always On Status” mod.
  • Compatible with Reign of Giants and all season duration combinations.

Convenient options for:

  • Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Clock Segment Color
  • Hover Text Format
  • Hover Text Font Size
  • Season Text Font Size
  • Enabling Clock in Caves (toggle)
  • Default text to display on the clock.

Placement Options:
The current options are above, below, left of, and right of the Day Clock. The default now is right of the day clock. The reason for this is that the moon indicator was difficult to modify as it was rendered by an animation. You can still select left of the day clock and the season clock will shift over when the moon icon is rendered at night.

Other Interface Mod Compatibility:
This is a list of the other interface mods I have tested this with

  • Alway On Status
  • RPG HUD Neat and Variants
  • Status Bar
  • Dawnbreak
  • Minimap (you may need adjust this mods horizontal margining options)
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