Seafaring: Cannon, Turbine Engine, Floodlight, Boat Torches

Brings four new features: Boat Cannon, Boat Floodlight, Turbine Engine and Boat Torches.
Nearly everything in this mod is configuratable. You can make everything as OP or as useless as you want.

–=== BOAT CANNON ===–

Boat Cannon is used to launch Cannonballs to wreak everything! Cannonballs are devastating be careful while aiming! Cannon range is one screen.
NOTE: You will need Cannon Lighter and Cannonballs to shoot Boat Cannon.

How to shoot:
1) Insert Cannonballs into Cannon
2) Equip Cannon Lighter
3) Aim and shoot! Both RMB and LMB make a shot!


Cannonballs come in three variations:
1) Rock CB – 150 damage. Wreacks stones/trees/structures.
2) Fire CB – 200 damage. Creates fires and ignites. Wreacks stones/trees/structures.
3) Moonglass CB – 400 damage. Requires Moon Altar to craft. Only damages mobs.
4) Toad sleepsack – can be shoot via cannnon.
5) All bombs from Felix Bombs mod [] can be fired via cannon.


Turbine Engine is an mechanical equvalent to Mast.
1) Speeds boat way better than Mast
2) Requires fuel to operate
3) Engine heats up while working. Don’t push it or it will explode!!!
4) Has overdrive mode that allows to boost speed even futher in exchange of higher overheat rate!

—=== Overheating ===—Temperature of engine should never reach 150! Or engine (and you!) will explode. I AM NOT JOCKING!
1) Engine will cool while not working.
2) Engine can be cooled with Ice and Icecream, it likes both.

—=== Overdrive Mode ===—1) Hammer turned on Engine to activate overdrive. Hammer it once more to turn overdrive off!
2) Increases speed of boat even futher.
3) Heat rizes much faster in this mode taking around 120 seconds to overheat engine.
4) Fuel depletes faster!

—=== Uber Super Dooper Gunpowder Overdrive Mode ===—1) Give Gunpowder to engine to active uber overdrive. Turn off Engine to end overdrive.
2) Boost boat speed way beyond beeing able to be steered by wheel.
3) Heat rizes way faster (you will explode I gurantie that).
4) Fuel depletes faster!

——===== FLOODLIGHT =====——

Floodlight creates line of light in a one direction!
1) Direction is based on steering wheel, same as masts.
2) Used to navigate seas during night.
3) Requires fuel to operate.
NOTE: Floodlight can be only placed on boat!

How to use:
1) Place it on boat
2) Turn on
3) Profit

Floodlights come in two variations:
1) Normal
2) Moon – long range, wide light, lower fuel consumption. Requires Moon Altar to craft.


Boat torches light up your boat easily without taking any space.
1) You place 4 torches by one crafting.
2) Torches have shared fuel. Thus refueling one will refuel all of them.
3) Turning on/off one torch will turn on/off all of them.
NOTE: Boat Torches can be only placed on boat!

Fully compatable with Large Boats mod! []

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