Save Equipment Slots

Saves the inventory slots of equipment items and makes sure they always return to their saved slot.
If a saved slot is occupied items will be rearranged automatically to make space.


  • Don’t Starve
  • Reign of Giants
  • Shipwrecked
  • Hamlet

Don’t Starve TogetherThe DST version of this mod is available in the DST Workshop.

Clear Slots with ControllerTo clear a saved slot with a controller press LB + RB at the same time in the inventory management screen when highlighting the slot.

ChangelogSee the Change Notes.

Known Issues

  • None

If you run into anything please let me know 🙂


  • Apply To Items: allows you to save slots of more than just equipment.
    • Equipment (default)
    • Equipment + Food
    • Equipment + Healing (e.g. Healing Salve, Spider Gland)
    • Equipment + Food + Healing
    • All Items (every item in the game)
  • Show Slot Icons: When enabled (default), renders icons of assigned items above their inventory slots.
  • Slot Icon Opacity: Sets the opacity of the slot icons. Default is 75%.
  • Slot Icon Scale: Sets the scale of the slot icons. Default is 75%.
  • Slot Icon Vertical Offset: Increases the vertical offset between the slot icons and their inventory slot. Only added for users of mods that add additional rows of inventory slots (e.g. “60 inventory slots”). Otherwise you probably want to leave it at Default (= right above their inventory slot).
  • Disable Save Slots Toggle: Key combination that will toggle saving slots on/off. When off, picking up items or moving them will not assign/change their slots. This is useful when you only want to save item slots in some scenarios, or only want to save a few specific items and not everything.
    • – none – (default)
    • Control + A through Control + Z
    Please note the hotkey you configure could be in use by the game or another mod as well. Make sure to pick an available one.
  • Save Slots Initial State: The initial state of the save slots behavior (default: On). Only used when a toggle key is configured. If you prefer to by default not save any items, you can set this to Off so you have explicitly turn it On first when you want to use it.
  • Disable Slot Icon Click: Controls when to disable the slot icon click action which would clear an item’s saved slot:
    • Never (default): You can always click on a slot icon to clear the item’s slot
    • If Save Slots: Off: When Save Slots is toggled off the slot icon click will be disabled.
  • Allow Equip For Space: When enabled (default), this mod is allowed to equip an item to make space for another item. In practice this would only occur when multiple items share a single slot and the slot is blocked. In other cases a blocking item is simply moved to some other slot.
  • Reserve Saved Slots: Controls whether or not slots that have an assigned item will be reserved for their saved items only. This means other items will not be placed there unless done manually by the player:
    • Never (default): Saved slots will never be reserved for their items. This means other items can occupy a saved slot, but will be moved out of the way when a saved item can go there.
    • If Free Slots: Saved slots will only be reserved for their items while there are other free slots available in inventory or backpack.
    • Always: Saved slots will always be reserved for their items. It means saved slots are considered “full” whenever other items are picked up, so will either be empty or contain one of their saved items.
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