Reign of Runts

The 4 iconic Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants bosses reimagined.
They’re looking a little smaller than usual…?

“Reign of Runts” is a 4 character mod that takes the classic RoG bosses: Deerclops, Bearger, Moose/Goose, and Dragonfly and turns them into Wilson-sized playable characters ripe with perks and personalities!

The Runts

•Packs an icy punch
•Has an aptitude for structure destructure
•With an increasing itch to destroy

~ Adds coldness and can freeze enemies while attacking. During Winter this becomes an AoE.
~ Can destroy structures without needing an item equipped. But still can hammer things faster than others.
~ Gets a small amount of sanity while destroying free-hand, but loses hunger too. While using a hammer: No hunger lost but less sanity gained.
– If you go too long without destroying a structure your sanity will start to drain. The longer without, the higher amount of sanity drained.
~ Freezing damage is reduced by 60%

•”Hibearnates” in chilly weather
•Bears an angry stomp
•And a hankering hunger for honey

~ Every 4th attack, Bearger will slam the ground doing additional AoE damage.
– Ground pound affects trees, plants, and stumps, but doesn’t affect structures or flying creatures.
– Hunger drains 20% faster.
~ Gets additional sanity from Honey foods, takes 80% less damage from bees, and will occasionally drop a fur tuft.

~ During Winter and Spring Bearger will go into “Hibearnation” mode.
During “Hibearnation”:
Hunger doesn’t drain 20% faster, small freezing insulation, small damage absorption (20%).
Will occasionally yawn instead of doing a ground pound.
If hunger is fuller than 50% Bearger’s max hp is set to 200. Likewise, if it’s below 50% it’ll be set to normal until changed.

•Can form a feisty whirlwind
•Doesn’t mind wet feathers
•Has a mean honk

~ Can use RMB to do a spin dash for a boost. It’ll do small damage in AoE for the duration (Around 3 seconds). Includes trees, rocks, structures etc.
– The spin will cause grogginess after doing so. Cannot spin while groggy. 10% chance for lightning to strike while spinning.
~ While attacking, has a 10% chance to unleash a loud Honk. It will confuse various mobs in a small radius.

~ Is able to run on water, but Wetness will quickly fill up as you’re on it.
– If you’re over 80% Wetness you’ll drown if still on the water. Can’t walk on water again until below that. (Or if riding Beefalo or carrying marble)
– Wetness naturally fills 33% faster, but the sanity drain from it doesn’t affect her.
~ Lightning heals instead of damages. When Spring ends she will molt a few feathers.

•Has a short fuse
•And a fiery attitude
•Can enkindle life

~ Increased overheating rate, and fire immunity (configurable)
~ Is able to eat Ash and Charcoal. (2 HP & Hunger)
~ Eating Ashes in quick succession (8) she will enter her Enraged form. Over eating ash will cause grogginess.
~ Getting attacked while under 100 health has a 70% chance for her to Enrage.
Enraged form:
Dragonfly will do an angry fiery stomp on enraging, lighting any nearby enemies. Lasts for 1 minute.
Deals fire damage while attacking, a slight speed boost, a heavy Sanity drain, +70 max hp, and a set temperature during.
Dying or getting Wetness over 30% will instantly revert her back to normal.
Can eat ice to not ignite enemies while enraged (lasts 1 min)
– Cannot Enrage if her wetness is already over 30% or her temperature is below freezing.
– Has a 30 second cooldown between Enrages.

~ Can spawn Lavae companions via Magma ponds who will attack enemies you target.
~ Has a max of 11 Lavae, 500 HP, requires feeding or it’ll perish, can be cooked upon, 50 dmg, emits warmth and light but not wildfires.
– Spawning costs -20 Health and Hunger, if Ash is in your inventory it will consume 1 but halve the penalty.

With various configuration options!
Thank you for checking out my mod! Enjoy!

Q&A for the curious!
q: Will Reign of Runts be ported to DS singleplayer?
a: I have no current plans to do so, but I won’t rule it out completely. It just doesn’t seem too worthwhile atm.

q: Can I repost this mod on Steam or WeGame?
a: I request that you Do Not repost this mod. This includes using its art assets elsewhere. If you want something tweaked tell me in the comments instead!

q: Is this different from “Playable-Pets” and such mods?
a: 100%. This is a mod that reimagines these bosses as Wilson-shaped characters with unique art, quotes, and more!

q: Will this mod ever include other bosses too?
a: It will not, this mod was intended for the og RoG bosses only!

q: I have a bug! Please fix!
a: See the pinned Bug Report discussion on how you can help tell me what’s up!

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