Re-live the Reaping of the Gnaw in the brand new Re-Gorge-itated mod! (With new Re-imagined gamemodes and perks for added Re-playability!)

Play how you like! Either with the original 3-player default set-up, or add some spice to the mix with extra player slots, mod compatibility, and our brand new custom gamemodes and alternative perks to change up the original recipe!

Game Modes

  • Default: Get a taste of vanilla!
  • Hungry Gnaw: The Gnaw is 5x hungrier! You better cook fast.
  • Pitch Darkness: Cook by lantern light! The Gnaw requires a Midnight Snack!
  • Hardcore: The Gnaw’s plague is upon you! Foods perish faster, less available resources, and more…
  • Scaling Difficulty: The more chefs there are in the kitchen, the faster the Gnaw will expect its food.
  • Endless: The Gnaw requires a Buffet! Instead of Favors, the Gnaw will regrow plants and give ingredients to traders.
  • No Sweat: The Gnaw is… happy to see you? Its hunger will drain 2x slower!
  • Shadow Thieves: The Shadows have infested this land, and they’re hungry for your dropped food!
  • Rush: The Gnaw will never seem satisfied with your cooking… Better leave fast!

When the Gorge event makes an official return, we will be updating the mod with any new content added on by Klei.

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