[Onmyoji]Teruterubozu~The sunny fairy

“It’s a fine day today~”

The child is the fairy of the sunshine.
She is very afield of rainy weather.
She can use her doll to heal nearby allies.
She brought a new plant:the sunflower

Extra defense:20%

–【Sunny Doll】–····

“Come on, my friends~”
The doll could to obtain sunshine point from lighting.
It can consume sunshine point to heal teammates.
If a player dies near the sunny dolls,11/5000
It will sacrifice itself to resurrect the player
Max sunshine point:300
Sunny doll recovery CD:720s

You can find wild sunflowers in the queen bee area.
Please note: this plant needs your careful care to thrive

◍◍◍Nut ice cream◍◍◍

hunger:25 sanity:60/enlightenment:-60 sunshine point:300 Reduce the temperature


hunger:45 sanity:15/enlightenment:-15 sunshine point:150

◍◍◍”Sun shower”◍◍◍

hunger:20 sanity:15/enlightenment:-15 health:20 sunshine point:150 Ascension moving speed

◍◍◍Super sun egg◍◍◍

hunger:60 sanity:5/enlightenment:-5 health:20 sunshine point:75 Heat up&


hunger:25 sanity:30/enlightenment:-30 health:-3 sunshine point:75
The sunshine point rises twice as fast

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