Double deck refrigerator effect:
Upper 9 compartment, with ordinary refrigerator preservation effect.
Lower 3 compartment, with permanent preservation effect.
Formula: sapphire *2+ gear, *2+ electrical component, *1
Production: under the ordinary refrigerator.
Note: the lower 3 Shelf permanent effect will only take effect at the time of closing.
That is to say, if you open it in the pick and put, the preservation of the lower 3 compartment is as fresh as the top (regular fresh)
To provide MOD, is a good point ~ ~ da.
If you follow a lot of attention, it will increase capacity, or give more interesting functions.
Any suggestions or comments, please leave a message below. ,
The author plays every day, and he can play with us
Update version:
Version 1.5
Repair the frozen layer of the double deck freezer and keep the BUG warm
Repair double layer refrigerator, hit with a hammer, will lose the missing BUG
There are old iron replies that you can’t use them in the ground. I tested it. Natural。 It should have something to do with the other MOD you loaded.
If possible。 Send me the LOG.
Version 1.3
To update
Replace what you think is ugly. A frame that uses an original refrigerator. English text prompt in the new framework.

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