My Map? +Revealer +Minimap UP !

This mod is too many improvement to map for you
1. In the configure mod, You can be setting to display Minimap or no display Minimap.

In addition, It is possible to setting the size and position of the Minimap.

2. It is possible to setting the Map Revealer in the configure mod.

3. This mod is almost shows more map icon on the map.
(For example Things Parts, Whale, Whale Bubble, Ox(water beefalo), Sea Fireflies(bioluminescence), Obsidian, Fishbone, Mushroom, Skeleton, Gold Rock, Rabbit(Crab)hole, SeaShell and others…)

And if you is hope, it is also possible to be able to display a Wall and Sandbag icon.

If you don’t like many show icon on the map, You can be setting the show only Eyebone & Fishbone

4. Lastly, You can be seen around the PigKing and Yaarctopus and Eyebone & Fishbone reveal without the Map Revealer (Eyebone & Pigking Revealer On, Off)

Be compatible with Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked.

Configure Mod description
== Minimap Setting ==

Minimap – On, Off [Show Minimap. Default “ON”]

Minimap Size – Tiny ~ Giant [Customizing Minimap Size]

Position – TopRight ~ BottomLeft [Customizing Minimap Position]

Horizontal Margin – None ~ Giant [Customizing Minimap Horizontal]

Vertical Margin – None ~ Giant [Customizing Minimap Vertical]

== Reveal, Icon Setting ==

Map Revealer – On, Off [Use Map Revealer. Default “OFF”]

Wall Icon Display – On, Off [Show Wall and Sandbag Icon. Default “OFF”]

Others Icon Display – On, Off [Show Others Icon. Default “OFF”]
(Jellyfish, Dogfish, Flup, Mussel Spot(No Stick)(Soon), Snake(Soon))

Eyebone & Fishbone Only – On, Off [No more show Custom Icon on the map, Only Eyebone & Fishbone. Default “OFF”]

Eyebone & Pigking Revealer┬á– On, Off [Show Eyebone & Pigking around Reveal on the map. Default “OFF”]

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