Blue Mushroom Hat:
20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(winter):60 s Shelf life:6 days

Red Mushroom Hat
20% rain-proof emit a weak light when equipped Shelf life :3 days

Green Mushroom Hat:
20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(summer):120 s Shelf life: 6 days

Hats will product different color spores!
You can also give it to pig man!!

Mushroom Farm:
Now you can plant mushroom or spores on the Mushroom Farm and a few days later you can harvest more mushrooms
It still works in winter.
You must use livinglog to refresh it.

Different hat will product different color spores.
Spores will move around you and emit a weak light.
It can be caught by the bug_net.
If you plant it in the mushroom farm ,you will harvest six mushrooms at most!(there is a chance it will release one spore when it hits max level)

Mushroom Light: 1*4 Fridge !When it has spores or light_bulb inside ,it will emit white light
Four squares are filled with the most bright!

Mushroom Light 2:1*4 Fridge !
light_bulb→→white reds pore→→red light
blue spore→→blue light green spore→→→green light

Scarecrow:You can put poop in it and it can also help you to harvest crops!

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