Moving Box

This item allows players to move structures around.

You can drag an empty Moving Box over a structure to begin packing it up. Once its packed, you can carry the box to its destination. You can set it down and unpack it anywhere.

To craft it, you need a Science Machine, 3 papyrus, and 1 silk. You can find it under Tools.

[Release 1.1.1]

[Release 1.1.0]

  • Added third-party mod support
    This feature is disabled by default. We use a broad set of rules for what is and isn’t allowed to be packaged. It could result in unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed players being unable to package the Iceflingomatic
  • Removed ability to package Siesta Lean-to
  • Removed ability to package Ocuvigil
  • Adjusted action distance
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