More Actions

Add actions:1. Jump.
2. Jump over certain obstacles.
3. Shove.
4. Push.
5. Hide (in a tree).
6. Take refuge.
7. Search.
(Mouseover and right click)

8. Heal (animation change).

Description1. Jump anywhere (see instruction). The landing site must be solid ground and free of obstacles.
2. Jump over an obstacle, or to the other side of wall (1 layer only).
3. Shove a mob away (violently). A mob dies instantly if it falls into ocean or lava.
4. Push a player or a companion away (gently).
5. Hide in a tree for a short period of time (undetectable), if successful all pursuers will lose track of you. Hiding costs hunger and is only possible if not near danger.
6. Take refuge in a mob house or a den for protection (invincible), for a very short period of time. Costs hunger.
7. Search burrow, grave or skeleton with bare hands for treasure. Costs hunger or sanity. Skeleton always drops a gold nugget in addition to normal loots.
8. Healing uses saw-bone animation.

Jump modes and instructionsFree roam:
Right click on your character. The jumping path must be free of large obstacles.
Point at an object and right click, if Jump option is available.
Free roam + obstacle: (require some practice)
Place twigs (1) on the ground, light them on fire, and right click on fire.

Important information for wall-users:
To prevent people from jumping into your base, you need two layers of wall, or more if they are skilled. I tested and never managed to jump over three layers of walls. A combination of walls and physical obstacles, “sandwich” configuration, or “checker board” configuration would also work.

Some actions may not be available if play with a controller.
Currently, there is no plan to port it to DS.
There is no configuration option.

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