Minimap HUD Customizable (EN & RUS)

Adds a minimap to the HUD with more customizable and more controlable configuration options in game mode are added.

I think that this MOD is very complex to understand and to use it.
When more customizing is unnecessary, you must use original “Minimap HUD”
Moreover, the original is very steady.
*It support joystick.

Original Version by squeek.Minimap HUD


  1. LCtrl+Scroll mouse – Size minimap size.
  2. Hold Right Click – Move minimap around.
  3. Hold Left Click – Scroll map.
  4. R – Toggle Minimap Key
  5. C – Center Character Key
  6. LCtrl+C – Config Shortcut Key
    *If not working try press LAlt (Maybe you press Alt+Tab before.)
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