Miniature Yurt

DESCRIPTION:I wanted a more permanent solution than Bed Rolls or Tents. In the end I made this, a Yurt. It is a long-term structure for sleeping during dusk/night and the hunger lost is much more forgiving. However you still need at least have half full hunger before it can be used. The health and sanity gained to roughly in between a Fur Roll and a Tent.

It was originally supposed to be much larger but I realized I should keep the ratio similar to structures in the game which is why I added “Miniature”.

Drew and animated it myself and tailored it to fit in with the Don’t Starve drawing style.

REQUIREMENTS:Requires: Alchemy Engine
Tab: Survival
– 12 Silk
– 8 Log
– 6 Rope

CONTENT:– Dusk and night sleeping structure
– Adds 50 Sanity
– Adds 30 Health
– Subtracts roughly around 1/4 of Hunger
– 64 uses
– Fully animated prefab
– Minimap icon

COMPATIBILITY:– Compatible with Shipwrecked and/or Reign of Giants
– Incompatible with vanilla

CONFIGURATION:– The Sanity Gained, Hunger Lost, Health Gained and number of uses can be adjusted through the configuration

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