Mermhouses Crafting [Updated] [BETA]

Finally…crafting an ice maker in non-Shipwrecked worlds!

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Most content of the mod are taken from the game and are edited with minimal departure from the original setting. Feel free to redistribute or remake the mod with credits. Inspired by JucaTHOR:



  • Infinite food source and ice source in summer with little cost.
  • Compatible with Vanilla + DLC.


  • Unlock the recipe under the Science Tab with Tier 2 Alchemy Machine.

More info

  • Ice Maker is originated from Shipwrecked DLC.
  • It spits out an Ice every 30 seconds (configurable).
  • It holds a maximum of 90 seconds of fuel (configurable).
  • It initially holds 45 seconds of fuel when built.
  • It produces ash instead of ice in any Vanilla world due to the absence of ice prefab in Vanilla mode.
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