Markiplier and Friends v2.0.03 Friendship is Survival

TO EVERYONE PLAYING AS THE NEW WADE OR BOB CHARACTERS! Please go to the mod configuration menu to turn on and off testing mode for these characters. by default testing mode is on and what it does is give you access to everything easily to test it quickly! turning it off gives you more balance and requires more things for Bob’s ammo or Wade’s Ted Cloner.

Anyone wanting to play as Wilford Warfstache make sure you go to the controls screen and find the Wilford Buff Button (there’s 1 for keyboard and 1 for gamepad) by default it’s backspace but you may wanna change it to x or something!)

Other new things: Tiny Box Tim can sleep, talk, wear accessories, and even have conversations with you! If you notice he starts talking to you don’t run away and don’t change your state because Tim has different conversations with every one of Markiplier’s states and if you are too far away Tim can’t talk to you and just says something like “Oh, I’ll catch you later then…” You also wanna keep an eye on what Tim says because he’s on a look out for pig king, giants, teleportato things, the blacksmithsafe, and the lost patient!

There’s a bunch of new surgeon simulator parody items! if you find the lost patient there should be a blueprint to craft the face saw which can be used to operate on the patient! after operating on him enough you’ll be able to open him up and put the new heart inside! (which is in the donor box that should be somewhere close by) after putting in the new heart your surgery is complete and you will recieve a pop up menu which will give you a Fedora! when you put on this Fedora you become Fedoraplier! your sanity will go up quickly but you are very bad at combat so take it off whenever danger is near! (put on the warfstache to become a badass combatant but at the cost of your hunger)

One more important Markiplier item would be the blacksmith note! You can’t read it in the day, dusk, or in the caves but you can read it at night! and after reading it once the text dissapears! everytime you do read it though there’ll be a higher and higher chance to force the Maniac but once it does turn you into the Maniac the chance resets to 0… But be sure to read it every single night!

PLAYING AS DARKIPLIER: You will be able to craft GoogleIRL from the fight tab with 3 gears 5 nightmare fuel and the GoogleIRL harddrive (requires alchemy engine to prototype) hold alt on GIRL(GoogleInRealLife) to examine, hold CTRL to turn on and off his light, and when he’s shut down hold CTRL for the option to turn him back on! He has many funny quotes and will have convos with Darkiplier and be careful when examining him… heheh… GIRL also has a custom sword named the Chrome Sword get it?… no?…. Google Chrome….? *sigh* I tried… the chrome sword has a small chance to set enemies aflame! GIRL will fight for you, help chop trees, and help mine rocks! and when he dies he explodes so be careful…

Muyskerm items: Lexi is Muyskerm’s pet dog who’s art and animations are currently being worked on so she’s using Chester as a placeholder until it’s finished! Don’t worry you can still find Chester in your world!
Muyskerm’s Scoped Pistol has 3 states to it the first (red) has potential for a HEADSHOT that deal 500 extra damage to your target, the 2nd (purple) is magical and will set your enemies ablaze with purple sparkles that hurt them over time, and the 3rd (green) will heal what ever you shoot with it! each state will require different ammo in order to work though so be preservative with your ammo types!
Muyskerm is also resourceful so alot of his recipes will be cheaper (please test around with this to help us get this to be balanced)
Soon we will be adding a king of the werecats mechanic to Muyskerm so look forword to that!

LordMinion777 items: The Pun-ishing Tales of Wade is a punbook that Wade can read near living creatures to make them follow, sleep, or attack him depending on their view of puns! Be careful who you choose to read puns near!
The Ted Cloner if turned on will look for Ted in your world every morning if it can’t find one it’ll spawn you a brand new one! but Ted needs meat to live so keep feeding him or he’ll try to eat you! (Ted’s art and animations are currently being worked on so he’s using TeenBird as a placeholder) Wade can also grow a beard every 5-7 days after the last time he’s shaved!

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