Magic Bottle Lanterns

– Custom art
– Custom animations
– Custom strings for all base and DLC characters
– Base, RoG and SW compatible
– High cost magical-tier items
– Automatically lights up/active at dusk, turns off for the day
– Permanent light, no fuel required
– Destroyable but fire proof

Name: Glowing Bottle
Recipe: 2 x marble, 2 x fireflies, 2 x nitre (Prestihatitator)
Effect: Just a light in the dark.

Name: Menacing Bottle
Recipe: 2 x red cap, 2 x fireflies, 1 x red gem (Prestihatitator)
Effect: There’s something about this light that frightening, and has a bad effect on your sanity.

Name: Icy Bottle
Recipe: 2 x blue cap, 2 x fireflies, 1 x blue gem (Prestihatitator)
Effect: A bottle covered in frost, it cools you down.

Name: Peace Bottle
Recipe: 2 x lureplant bulb, 2 x fireflies, 2 x spider gland (Prestihatitator)
Effect: This sweet, calming light will make your foes give up their chase. Careful, it doesn’t stop them getting angry again! Doesn’t work on giants, ghosts or shadow creatures.

Name: Tincture Bottle
Recipe: 2 x eggplant, 2 x fireflies, 1 x purple gem (Shadow Manipulator)
Effect: This mysterious light helps to heal the lifeforms around it – including your foes!

Name: Ember Bottle
Recipe: 2 x carrot, 2 x fireflies, 1 x orange gem (Shadow Manipulator)
Effect: This light will help to warm you up.

Name: Sunshine Bottle
Recipe: 2 x honey, 2 x fireflies, 1 x yellow gem (Shadow Manipulator)
Effect: Feeling a little crazy? This light will help you feel sane again.

Name: Poison Bottle
Recipe: 2 x green cap, 2 x fireflies, 1 x green gem (Shadow Manipulator)
Effect: This light will damage those around it. You don’t seem to be effected, but neither do giants, ghosts, shadow creatures or clockworks.

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