Madman’s Fighting Pack [DS, RoG, SW]

Madman’s Fighting Pack adds 5 more weapons and 2 more armor items to the game to help fighting off hordes of different monstrosities that Don’t Starve throws at you on a regular basis.

New Weapons:
Hound’s Bite Mace

  • Cratfing station: Science Machine
  • Crafting recipe: 1x Boards, 3x Hound’s Teeth, 1x Rope
  • Deals 51 damage
  • Has 150 uses

Lets you spend those piles of teeth left by endless waves of hungry hounds and does not require going through a pain of killing Tentacles to get a good weapon.

Gold Sword

  • Cratfing station: Alchemy Engine
  • Crafting recipe: 5x Gold Nuggets, 1x Red Gem, 2x Flint
  • Deals 75 damage
  • Has 100 uses
  • Slows running speed by 10%

Who cares that gold is a soft metal? Time to go feed the Pig King and get some gold! High damage is compemnsated by low durability and slowing effect.

Marble Blade

  • Cratfing station: Ancient Pseudoscience Station
  • Crafting recipe: 6x Marble, 1x Purple Gem, 6x Gold Nuggets
  • Deals 100 damage
  • Has 300 uses
  • Slows running speed by 10%
  • Quadruples hunger decreasing rate while equipped.
  • Drains 2 hunger on hit.

Utterly destroys anything with a low HP pool in 1 hit, but is quite hard to get and requires a steady supply of food if you plan to fight for long periods of time. (Note that this one is unobtainable in SW only world, since it needs pseudo science altar to be crafted).

Ice Blade

  • Cratfing station: Shadow Manipulator
  • Crafting recipe: 15x Ice, 1x Blue Gem, 2x Electrical Doodads
  • Deals 42.5 damage
  • Has no durability, but perishes in 3 days (lasts forever in the fridge and in winter)
  • Can be repaired with Ice like an Ice Cube
  • Can freeze enemies that was hit several times.
  • Cools character down like Chilled Amulet, but adds wetness while being held.

A way to save up on weapon crafting materials – just repair it from time to time with ice and you’ll have a nice damaging weapon, that can freeze mobs as a bonus.


  • Cratfing station: Shadow Manipulator
  • Crafting recipe: 1x Dark sword, 1x Bat bat, 7x Nightmare Fuel
  • Deals 68 damage
  • Has 200 uses
  • Heals on each strike

Combines pros of Bat Bat and Dark Sword while eliminating their cons (sanity drain and low durability). Good thing to have for giant fights, lets you save on healing items and food.

New Armors:
Golden Armor

  • Cratfing station: Alchemy Engine
  • Crafting recipe: 12x Gold Nuggets, 4x Rope
  • Has 750 durability
  • Absorbs 90% of damage
  • Slows running speed by 10%

A good way to spend your gold reserves. It has good absorption rate and high durability and is perfect for tanking bosses. Its quite expensive though and slowing effect makes kiting harder.

Golden Helm

  • Cratfing station: Alchemy Engine
  • Crafting recipe: 6x Gold Nuggets, 2x Rope
  • Has 600 durability
  • Absorbs 85% of damage

Second piece of golden set. Good for tanking whithout unequipping backpacks. Provides excellent toughness in a set with gold Armor, but combined slowing effect is quite painful.

Note: Item properties and recipes in mod’s description are in fact default values. You can adjust things like weapon’s damage, durability, armor’s protection and quantity of items needed to craft. Also you can separately disable some items completely and disable\enable some extra effects like Ice Blade’s freeze.

Current status:
SW compatibility – done.
Rebalancing done.
Adjustable settings – done.
Code somewhat cleaned up. (Cheers to <default> – his code was an example for code cleanup)
Mod’s pretty much canned until Klei do something new for single player DS.

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