Loot Pump

Catches items from the ground and throw them in containers. (Autoloot)

Recipe: 1 Gears, 1 Whirly Fan and 2 Electrical Doodads.

The Loot Pump always priorise to launch the items on containers that already has that item inside.

There are two placement rings, the inner ring defines the looting region and the outer ring defines the container region.
NOTE: If the option “Two Zones” is activated, containers in the inner ring will not be considered by the Loot Pump.

If any empty container is found in the range, the Loot Pump will throw the loots in a random container in the range, which causes the item falls on ground. This can be intentionally used to make transport lines from multiple Loot Pumps.

The range, looting speed and the sound effects can be configured.


— Removed Life Giving Amulet from the “look for items” list. (Thanks for the suggestion @greeking13)
— Added the option “Loot Equipment” (default: “Yes”) on the mod configuration menu.
— — If this option is set to “No” the Loot Pump will not loot equipable items.

— Removed Celestial Orb from the “look for items” list.

— Removed Tooth Trap, Bee Mine and Bramble Trap from the “look for items” list.

— Removed Thermal Stone, Glommer’s Flower, Trap, Bird Trap, Tallbird Egg and Red Lantern from the “look for items” list.

— Improved the container priority for the looting:
— — Now the priority is: Has a similar item > Will reduce the perish rate > Not full > Random;
— Removed Woby, Chester and Hutch from the “look for containers” list;
— Removed Lantern, Eyebone and Star-Sky from the “look for items” list.

Credits : Gleenus, Catherine, Jess

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