HUGE thank you to Hazelmocha, without her this mod wouldn’t have been possible!

Code/Scripting was done by: Hazelmocha !
Art was done by: Snartles / Me

Special thanks to Novakixx, for opinions, help, and support!

You can find all of us on Twitter:

Me: @Snartles and @SnartlesAD
Hazelmocha: @Hazelmocha
Novakixx: @Novakixx


Health – 175
Hunger – 175
Sanity – 175

Damage – 1.20
Hunger rate – 1.25

(Carnivore mode)

Health – 175
Damage – 3.00
Hunger rate – 15


* He is equipped with night vision that allows him to help his friends who are in need! *Updated : Now acts like Moggles. (Night vision can now be disabled through configuration settings if so desired.)

* He loves bugs! He starts with a bug net; catching bugs increases his sanity! Eating bugs however reduces his sanity!

* The idea of eating meat is atrocious to him; if Legosi consumes any form of meat, he enters a frenzied state causing him to lose nearly all of his sanity. He cannot consume any more meat in this state – once in his Carnivore state, he can only consume veggies.
While in his Carnivore state, his hunger bar rapidly decreases but he gains a huge strength boost! The only way to leave the Carnivore state is to eat any food classified as a veggie, so make sure you have one on hand!

* His favourite lunch is prepared! Legosi starts with an egg sandwich in his inventory that increases his sanity significantly!
Custom recipe for the egg sandwich is three eggs (regular or tall bird) in the cookpot, with the last remaining slot being any other regular ingredient (veggie, berry, etc.)!

* During full moons, Legosi receives a significant sanity buff for the entire night.

He also comes with a small handful of custom lines!


* Hats do not work as well as we’d like, sorry about that! Most of them float a decent bit above his head.
Once we find a suitable solution for the issue, we’ll be sure to update as soon as we can!

This is our first mod together, and I hope y’all enjoy it! If there noticeable bugs/glitches feel free to let us know in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do!

Credits : Snartles , HazelMocha

Legosi (BEASTARS) Download

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