Koalefants’ Family DST

This mod adds interesting mechanic to the game. Every time when you find Koalefant, you wish to kill him for meat, trunk or keep him as a pet in the base. This mod will reward you if you won’t kill him, beacuse every koalefant can now reproduce, and make, sweet baby koalefant, 4 days after you will find a koalefant. Baby Koalefants can grow and become big koalefants but it takes 5x more days than baby beefalos need to grow. You can breed both summer and winter koalefants. If you decide to kill babies, they give meat, but not trunk, so think twice. Also, big koalefants will try to kill you if you attack their babies. The maximum number of koalefants you can have in one place is 24.

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