Item Info

Inspired by the popular mods Display Food Values & Detailed Tooltips, I bring you Item Info.

What this mod doesIt displays items’ values when hovering over them (hunger, sanity, health, spoilage, insulation [winter/summer], light remaining time, waterproof %, sanity gain/min, uses left and damage) via little icons and a value.

Additionally, it can display your equipped items on a panel on the right (configurable), so that you always know your spear’s uses, your armor’s hp left, or when your torch is going to run out of fuel.

Configuration OptionsThe default config is just fine, but if you wanna tweak it, here it is:

  • Info scale: Sets the tooltip’s info scale.
  • Time format: Change between hours:minutes:seconds and in-game days.
  • Perish info: Set if you only want to see spoilage time, stale time and then spoilage time, or both.
  • Show info hands/body/head: If you want to see your equipped items’ info at all times. Turn off if you don’t care about it or think it clutters your screen.
  • Equipped Scale: Set the equipped item’s scale, if you think they’re too big or too small.
  • Show prefab name: If you want to know your items’ debug spawn name.
  • Show background: If you wanna see a huge, game-blocking background behind your equipped items.
  • Margin bottom/right: To position the equipped items’ info.

How to installJust subscribe to the mod. That’s it. This mod displays info in a different way to all others, so no need to replace fonts nor anything like that.

NotesLike other mods, this mod calculates values based on the item’s current percent and the base item max values, so the following values might not be 100% exact: perish time, stale time, fuel time, clothes remaining time, uses left, hambat damage.

Controller is supported as of version 0.2

Credits : Ryuu

Item Info Download

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