Island Adventures

This mod is in developement. Some inconveniences and errors are to be expected!
Embark on a journey across the ocean together, off shore from the mainland and out in search of exotic materials! Island Adventures brings the seas of Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked to Don’t Starve Together.

Due to popular demand, Island Adventures is released as Open Beta. Updates will bring new content, bugfixes and rebalancing. Feel free to inform us about whatever annoys you!
Next update:Better Monsoon flood; Further Return Of Them compatibility

Island Adventures consists of three mods: IA + IA: Assets + GemCore APIYou require all three to play Island Adventures.

Attention to detail:We are looking forward to a Quacken raidboss as much as you are, but first the more basic stuff has to sparkle and shine. Please understand that quality content is important to us.

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