Compatible with Hamlet!!!!!!!

This is a character mod based on INORI, made by 蠢汪.
This is my first mod,INORI is my favorite anime character in Guilty Crown
This mod compatible Rog and Sw and Ham
I am a Chinese,my English is not good.

A simple description


You can eat meat to upgrade, max level 500. F12 query your level

-Have a pet and some special items,
-1.2 *hunger decline
-Every 77 seconds to restore 7 HP
-Can make and read books
– F1/F2 Switch Range Attack, 7 times starvation speed on turn-on
– F3/F4 switch burst mode, double speed on opening, 2.5 times attack, 1 blood per second buckle


-A light emitting robot
-12 grid refrigerator
-Every day to give you a food
-There is a button to delete items (to clean up garbage)

Special Items:

-The XK sword : 33damage, 1/2work efficiency when you are logging and mine..Frost attack probability
-The EX XK sword : 77damage,5work efficiency when you are logging and mine,Right click to teleport.Frost attack probability.200use,every nightmarefuel can repair it 20%.When used, no longer reduces your san.
-Clothes : 240s heatstroke prevention. 14 grid refrigerator,77% armor. Poison blocker and wind proof in SW.Recovery your san.
– Clothing: Goldfish Dress Upgrade (Higher Armor, More Attributes)
Crown:70% waterproof, anti injury 77, unlimited durability, adding San,Right to the crown 5 gold can collect things in full screen.
– Cap: Crown Upgrade (R key switch bright)
-Food : need 4 berries, 3 ripe seeds to cook.Shelf life is long, can be used in emergency recovery.

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