Gorge Crops!

This mod adds the crops from the Gorge into the regular game!

All craftables are in the farm tab.

Regular crops now farmable on the soil but they will grow at the basic farm rate not at the improved farm rate. Made the mealingstone keep its products and have a fail recipe if you don’t use 3 or more turnips or wheat (can’t use 2 of each or you’ll get ash).


Vegetable Garden:

The crops can only be grown on the vegetable garden which provides 9 spots to till. Each patch of soil has 5 cycles of use before it needs fertiliser. Inspect the soil to find out if it needs fertiliser. You can change the number of cycles or turn it off in the configuration screen.


You need to use a hoe to till the soil. It has 30 uses and does as much damage as an axe.

Seed Packets:

The seed packets can be made but they don’t always drop new seeds so good luck! Birds will, of course, help you get more seeds of a specific crop. Seeds can be found in tumbleweeds and you can turn off the recipe or change its difficulty.

Crops: All the crops are considered 1 veggie when used in the crock pot except for wheat which is not edible. Carrots are not included ’cause I said so. You may change the number of crops harvested in the configuration menu.

Crops vary in growth time and healing values. [Growth rate can be configured]

You also cannot leave the crops planted too long or they will die on the vine.
[You can turn this off or change the times in the configuration menu]

Each grow time is in hours of sunlight like regular crops so it takes that much time of day or dusk but not night.

Tomatoes, Turnips and Potatoes: Take the longest to grow – Base rate is 1.5 days

Onion and Garlic: In between – Base rate is 1.25 days

Wheat: Quickest – Base rate is 1 day

Mealingstone: Just there to grind wheat into flour and turnips into sugar. Flour is considered 1 flour (no longer a veggie) and turnip sugar is worth 1 sweetener (can usually be used instead of honey).

New Recipes:

Bread: 3 flour + veg/fruit/ice filler
Candied Potato: 2 potatoes (any) + turnip sugar + veg/fruit/ice filler
Meat Cake: 1 meat + turnip sugar + flour + meat/veg/fruit/ice filler
Pomegranate Puff: pomegranate (any) + turnip sugar + flour + ice
Stew: potato (any) + 0.5 meat + onion/garlic (any) + 0.5 veg
Tomato Bisque: 2 tomatoes (any) + onion/garlic (any) + fish/eel
Turnips Soup: 2 turnips (any) + onion/garlic (any) + veg/fruit/ice filler

Mushroom Stumps and Forest Mushrooms:

Mushroom stumps will now appear in any new world you make. The mushrooms count as 0.5 veggies.

Optionally Modified Old Recipes:

I have made an option to modify some of the old food recipes to include the new crops. This does make them a bit harder so, by default, the changed recipes are OFF unless you configure them to be on.

Frog Bunwich, Buttermuffin, Pumpkin Cookies, Fish Sticks, Honey Nuggets, Perogies, Waffles and Dragon Pie will need flour. I also made dragon pie no longer take twigs too just to be difficult.

Meaty Stew will need a potato (any).

Meatballs will need a tomato (any) and onion/garlic (any).

Ratatouille will need a tomato (any).

Fish Tacos and Guacamole will need onion/garlic (any).

As always, please enjoy and let me know if there are any issues.

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