his character is inspired by Gollum from JRR Tolkien’s universe. For this mod we have imagined that this is Gollum long before he ever met Bilbo and Frodo. Gollum will not speak of hobbits. Instead, you will see Gollum make various references to the creatures from Tolkien’s books, such as goblins, orcs, trolls, and Ents.

Gollum begins the game with the “mystery ring”, which is his special indestructible item, and also with 4 raw fish. When the game starts there is a custom introduction where you find that Maxwell wants The Ring for himself. Even worse, he wants to take the ring from Gollum’s corpse!


Hunger: 140
Health: 140
Sanity: 160

speed: +30%
damage: – 25%
hunger drop: -20%
Sanity drain in night: -50%


lave of the Ring – Gollum is so attached to the ring that he doesn’t ever want to lose sight of it. He can’t put the ring down on the ground, nor put it in a chest or backpack. Only death can deprive him of the ring. If Gollum resurrects after death, he will have a sanity penalty until he finds the ring again.

Loves Meat – Gollum loves meat, especially raw. Also he eats monster meat with no penalty. During the decades spent underground, he would eat any kind of meat he could manage to score. Meat provides a different bonus for Gollum than the rest of the characters from the Don’t Starve:
*Raw meat: +(5 to 10) sanity
*Cooked meat: no gain or loss to sanity
*Monster Meat: No penalty to sanity

Passionate About Fish – Gollum’s favorite food is fish, both fresh and cooked. Gollum became incredibly skilled at fishing with his bare hands during his hundreds of years spent underground. He can’t use fishing rods, but with his bare hands he can catch 1 fish PER POND every 3 DAYS. Additionally, Gollum receives a higher premium for eating fish than the other characters:
*Raw fish: 37.5 hunger, +21 health and +20 sanity

Fruits and Vegetables? Bleh! – On the road to becoming a wild creature, overwhelmed by darkness, Gollum lost his taste for eating fruits and vegetables; he can only be satisfied by meat. Eating fruits and vegetables results in a penalty to sanity:
*Fruits and vegetables: -20 sanity

Clamped Stomach – spending years in the depths of the earth, Gollum got used to going longer periods of time without food. Gollum’s Hunger drops about 20% slower.

Faster! – Gollum learned to move very quickly to get what he needed and stay out of trouble. Gollum’s movement speed is 30% higher.

Weak – Burdened by the dark power of the Ring for so many years, Gollum lost his strength and became more and more limited. Gollum deals 25% less damage in combat.

The Night Creature – Gollum is accustomed to darkness and the night, and feels much less discomfort after sunset.
His sanity penalty during dusk and nighttime is half that of other characters.

THE RING+ Gollum becomes invisible to creatures (as long as they were not in conflict with him before he used the ring.) This helps Gollum to avoid strong opponents and many dangers. There are only two conditions, when he CAN be attacked after using the ring- Gollum can be killed by Grue and the ring will not hide him from periodically attacking hounds. If you want to hide from the hounds, you must lose them after they arrive.

+ While using the ring, Gollum can steal items in dangerous spots without alerting nearby monsters.

– While using the Ring, Gollum can’t attack animals or monsters. (Gollum is worried that someone might notice him and steal the ring.) This is necessary to balance the invisible feature of the ring, otherwise the player could exploit the ability and become unattackable during normal combat (and would basically become invincible).

– When Gollum uses the ring, it’s power will drive him to madness. During use, Gollum automatically begins to see hallucinations and nightmares. Furthermore he loses 2 sanity per second, making this item both useful and dangerous for Gollum.

– While in the grip of the ring’s special power, a screen filter appears, which significantly narrows the field of vision and makes moving around the world more difficult, especially at night.

! When Gollum dies, he drops the ring on the ground. When Gollum is revived, he gets a sanity drop until he regains the ring. He can also lose the ring by fighting a Bearger, MooseGoose, or frogs.

OTHER FEATURES*Custom Maxwell intro
*Custom sounds – Gollum has a set of unique sounds, which (according to legend) are based on the sound of a cello at a low octave.
*All custom lines – over 1100 custom quotes including DLC lines.
*Map icon for Gollum and for the Ring
*Portrait and a full set of images in the menu
*Mod Configuration Options!

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