Global Positions

Map sharing works again! You don’t even need to be in the A New Reign beta anymore!

  • Show other players on the map (and hover over them to see who they are).
  • Show player indicators (the bubble things on the side of the screen) when they’re far away.
  • Light signal fires that show up as indicators and on the map.
  • Ping the map by alt+clicking, creating markers that show other players points of interest. Note that muting a player hides their pings. Controller users can ping by clicking in the right stick.
  • Opt-out of sharing your your location with a button on the scoreboard.
  • Share your map discovery with other players automatically

Wilderness ModeBy default, if you play in Wilderness Mode, it will ignore most of the config options. If you want to override that, set the Wilderness Mode Override to Enabled. Otherwise, it will hide player positions, but always show campfires.

Configuration OptionsOn the mods screen, with this mod selected, you can change a lot of the settings with the “Configure” button.
Player Indicators

  • Always makes it so player indicators always show.
  • Scoreboard (default) only shows them when you bring up the scoreboard.
  • Disabled removes both the indicators and the map icons.

Player Icons

  • Show (default) will show player’s map icons on the map.
  • Hide will hide them.

Show Fires

  • Always means they always produce smoke signals when they’re lit, so show up globally regardless of fuel used.
  • Charcoal (default) means you have to fuel them with charcoal to produce smoke signals.
  • Disabled turns off smoke signals entirely.

Fire Icons

  • Show (default) shows fire icons on the map when they are smoking.
  • Hide doesn’t show them even if they’re smoking

Share Map

  • Enabled (default) makes it so that as other players explore the world, your map will update too. Note that this will only work if players or icons are set to be shown.

Wilderness Override

  • Disabled (default) makes it so that in Wilderness Mode, Show Fires is set to Always, and Player Icons and Player Indicators are Disabled. This adds some risk of discovery to making fires, so cook with caution!
  • Enabled makes it use whatever settings you have set yourself, rather than that Wilderness preset.


  • Enabled (default) allows players to alt+click the map to ping areas for others to see.
  • Disabled doesn’t allow pings at all.

Most options are only used by the host; if you’re joining, the only option that gets read is whether to show the player indicators at all times or only on the scoreboard.

A huge thanks to Sarcen for figuring out his very clever system for getting player icons to show on the map globally for clients!

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