Global Pause

# Global Pause
Note from the creators:
This mod changes the core mechanics of the game. As such, be warned that it may cause your game to crash.
If this happens, please use the github links to discuss the details of your issues.

The source is available. Feel free to modify it to get it to work to the level you need. We will upload it and credit you :D.

Add the option to pause the game from the start menu.

– Pause from the start menu (admin only)
– Vote to pause from the start menu (everyone else, not yet implemented)
– Hotkey to toggle pause (default “P”, default disabled, admin only)
– Pause when map is open (default disabled, singleplayer only)
– Pause when console is open (default disabled, singleplayer only)

When joining a server that is “paused” youll be stuck at the connecting screen, I cannot do anything to fix this.

Known bugs:
– I don’t know what happens if a player joins and the game is paused.

Future improvements:
Useful for multi player:
– vote to (un)pause, which allows servers without an admin present to pause(and unpause) the game.
Useful for single player:
– Option for AutoPause/AutoUnPause on crafting/inventory

Thanks to:
Droozo Qoocla
for multiplayer testing.

Improved compatibility with other mods that mess with the pausescreen.
Clients pause properly, no more rain particles building up on clients!
Servers pause properly, no more desyncing servers by pausing in caves,
this mod now makes use of GemCore to make pausing on any shard possible,
pause the whole server, and not just the current shard.
Made servers automaticaly unpause, when the last player leaves the game.
Console and Chat no longer hang or cause the server to(temporarily) unpause.

Fixed the name of the Mod and Zarklord’s name.

Zarklord: Redux pause menu.

Non-admin pause. Comments in the code explain why non-admins may not unpause.

Console no longer hangs.

Autopause added for map and console.

Hotkey added. Default state is off.

Added a proper icon in the game mod list.

v1.2.0 changes
Multiplayer pausing should now work (changed logic for this work).
The ClientHost now only SetTimeScale(0) after everybody else has.

Also, for some reason, now the animations stop when you pause. that means that animals won’t keep moving after you pause.
I have no idea what fixed this…

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