Furniture Megapack

enjoy base building? have a ton of extra materials lying around and nothing to do with it? maybe you just like turning every game you play into animal crossing?

hoo boy do I have the mod for you.

introducing character-inspired furniture packs! adds a new tab chock full of furniture for you to decorate with and unique character strings for each one. I still have to add functionality to some items (that i’ll detail below if you’re interested) but I figured I’d post this while I have the essentials working.

now with Moving Box compatibility!

60 new decorative items!
8 new storage options!
9 new tents!
[Coming soon] All kinds of sanity structures!
[Coming soon] A new cookpot that only handles meat!

now fair warning that one item – the pigroast from wigfrids set – is a little graphic. if you don’t want a dead roasting pig in your game the code is fairly easy to read, just take out anything that says “pigroast” or shoot me a message and i’ll remove it for you.

***a monumentally huge shoutout to my buddy Calico for being super patient and helping me to test this behemoth of a mod. couldnt’a done it without you dude. and another to Jasper, who doesn’t know me but is (in my opinion) one of the best modders in this workshop and inspired me to start this project in the first place with their awesome tent mod. you probably already have it but if you dont go check it out***


To do:
Add cookpot code to the pigroast.lua
Add large radius sanity boost to those in “smelling” range of pigroast while cooking
Add small sanity aura (wilson only) to invention set (electric thingamajig, whirly gismo, metal doohicky)
Add small sanity aura (kids only; wendy and webber) to dollhouse and toychest
Add firepit code to burningman.lua (sanity regen aura while watching maxwell burn)
Add small sanity aura to chesset (maxwell only)
Add different coloured tables/chairs for Wes’s balloon furniture (random when placed)
Add carry code to barbell (preferably for wolfgang only)
Add light capabilities to wickers writing desk
Figure out how to make an 8 faced item so i can remove this left and right chair crap
Add woodies axepedestal
Add medicine cabinet
Add flashy directional sign

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