Followers All in One v1.3

A Mod for most things to do with followers
With this more your HUD gets the addition of up to 12 followers health and loyalty along with commands and an itemslot for quick feeding / healing / wearing or in Chesters case storing.

Why all in one? Because there are loads of other options in the Configure Mod menu.

For example:

  • Chester is no longer a target for attacks!
  • Glommer’s don’t buzz anymore!
  • Abigails Flower charges instantly!

– Glommer’s Flower and Chester’s Eyebone have to be in your main inventory for them to follow. (if it’s in a backpack they will not follow)

For a full description please view the discussions topic below

HUD Mods
Here are all the HUD mods links which are compatible and I would highly recommend. They are all in the first screenshot. (if I haven’t seen your mod and added it to this list, sorry and let me know about it)

  • Minimap More Zoom
  • Always On Status
  • Season Clock
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