Extra Equip Slots

Adds a backpack and amulet slot to the game.

Patch Listv1.0 – Alpha Release
v1.1 – Patched to support Hotfix 123591
v1.2 – Fixed the Interface not properly ‘rebuild’ when loading to a previously saved game.
v1.3 – Patched to support Hotfix 124021
v1.4 – Rewrite the structure of the mod to run without using full files. Also, new preview icon 😀
v1.5 – Fix a bug where the client’s backpack items are not counted/checked when building something.
v1.5.1 – Fixed a crashing bug.
v1.5.2 – Updated image/tex file (possible cause for some people crashing).
v1.6 – Compatibility patch (thanks to star)
v1.7 – Fixed inteface overlapping with “inspect self” button (unknown hotfix/update number).
v1.8 – Fix incompatibility due to EQUIPSLOT_IDS table creation moving from components/playerinspectable.lua to constants.lua (by Muche see here)

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